Dreams do come true

What a way to start my blog- I just got married!  I wish I had the professional pictures to share, but those will come later.  My now husband and I got married on July 9th and many of our family and friends joined us in our magical celebration.

Event planning and costume design are passions of mine, and of course, I had been dreaming of the most amazing wedding ever since I was little.  This was most certainly an opportunity for me to go all out.  The most amazing part was my fiancé.  I believe that my health issues have been the biggest hurdle in my past relationships and I never knew if I would find someone who could love me for the awesome, yet broken, person that I am.  I found that in my now husband.  He has been by my side encouraging me, loving me, supporting me, showing me what love truly is.  His love inspired me to want to bring that sense of magic to everyone who came to our wedding.

There were many doubts about my ability to pull of this wedding, especially with my POTS symptoms.  For example, we didn’t really know if I’d be able to walk down the aisle.  We had a wheelchair on stand by.  We knew I wouldn’t be able to stand up during the ceremony.  We used a beautiful swing so that I could stay seated.  For taking pictures, we brought in seating props.  Did I fall on my wedding day?  Yes, but it was before the ceremony where no one but my fiancé saw.  He helped me up and took me to rest before we started the ceremony.  Did I need to take rest breaks and lie down?  Yes, but it was set away from our guests and again my husband always found me and made sure I had plenty of fluids.  The icing on the cake, so to speak, was our first dance.  I can’t slow dance without getting faint, so we tried a fast dance with the song cut short and I DID IT!  I got to have a first dance with my husband at our wedding reception.   The trick to it all was being realistic about my challenges and to plan for how to address them.

I wasn’t going to be satisfied with just making it through the wedding, though.  My imagination ran wild as I came up with a theme and fun ways to bring it all together.  I made my own dress and did some intense beaded embroidery on it.  I made jewelry for the bridal party and family ladies, plus cufflinks and tie pins for the gents.  I whipped up a pretty dapper look for my groom as well. The theme was enchanted forest meets a midsummer night’s dream.  We made glowing orb table numbers for the reception.  We did a tree planting ceremony and then gave baby plants in hand-painted bottles as favors.  We had a photo booth and gave away props like fairy wings, floral head wreaths, woodland animal ears, and feathered masks.  I did my best to work on so many diy projects and pulled in help from my fiancé, mom, sister, and mother in law.  I actually leaned so hard on my mom- she did a ton of work day of to pull it all together- especially wrangling the live butterflies for our butterfly release at the ceremony.

I will definitely share pictures and more details when the professional photos become available, but it’s so wonderful to share the joy of my dream wedding here.  Since it’s been over and we had our honeymoon, I’ve gone back to my doctor visits and all that.  It’s been a rough transition.  I miss all the planning and crafting.  I need to organize all the amazing gifts we got and write thank you notes.  I need to clean the house and put away all the wedding stuff.  Unfortunately, I have not had the energy.  Thank you notes are my top priority, but even writing notes is too much right now.  I wish I could type them!  I think it is to be expected that I would be so worn out, but I wish I could have ridden the energy from the excitement longer.


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