Last Weekend before Surgery

It seems like we just got married and wrapped up our honeymoon, but time flies.  My chronic illnesses have been flaring pretty badly since the wedding and I’ve been digging out from under it all.  Then surprise, my doctors finally talked me into getting the partial thyroidectomy that I’ve been dreading, but my thyroid nodule is getting bigger and needs to go.  I can’t believe they got me in so quick!  Monday is the big day.

It’s been a mad dash (in slow motion, lol) to get ready.  I finally got some people in to the house to get it cleaned up, so the wedding craft supply and gift explosion is finally put away.  I still have only sent out a fraction of our thank you notes and I can’t believe they are so far behind!  I am so thankful to everyone who shared and celebrated in our special day and I hope to get those out after I recover.  I’ve been using a wheelchair more and more and that is still processing internally.  I also haven’t been working on any craft projects and I miss that.  Hopefully after my recovery I can start making stuff for Halloween!

I don’t talk about it much, but my last experience with surgery was very overwhelming.  That was for my Castleman’s Disease tumor.  This time should be much easier as the procedure is more simple.  I admit, I am pretty anxious about the whole thing!  I have been really proactive about addressing any concerns I have with my medical team and I think it has paid off.  It sounds like they understand about the issues my conditions may cause and they are planning accordingly.

I’ve been trying to stay distracted and musing about the wedding and going through pictures has been a lot of fun.  We have our official wedding album up!  The photos help me to carry that wedding day bliss with me.  I know that I’ll be thinking of my beloved husband, family, and friends as I deal with my procedure.

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