Out of the house and into compression tights

Today, the husband and I decided get out of the house.  I finally tried my new compression stockings from Juzo.  I thought expensive compression tights seemed like a long shot as far as helping with my POTS symptoms, but at this point, I’ll try it!  I also got to wear my pretty new tie-dye dress.  My mom helped me to wash my hair yesterday, which was something else, and I was feeling refreshed today as a result.  I almost felt like a real live human being!


My husband and I went down to the harbor at Dana Point for lunch.  I was worried I wouldn’t make it from the car to the restaurant without a wheelchair, but we got a parking spot right up front.  We ate outside and it was lovely with a view of the water.  It reminded me of our honeymoon!  Things were going well and my husband kept suggesting all sorts of wild water adventures for the remainder of the day, including an impromptu trip to Catalina Island.  I laughed and brought it back down to reality and ultimately decided to try for a little walk along the water.  I think the tights really did help.  I went about twice as far as I have been able to lately and had a longer window of feeling pre-syncope before needing to get horizontal.  So, I think that’s really great because when you can usually walk about 20-30 feet at a stretch, getting an extra 20 feet means a lot.  Still, I’m not canceling my wheelchair appointment anytime soon.  This could mean I can go to things where parking is further, as I always have to wonder what parking will be like before I can plan to go to anything.  We’ll see, though, a few more days of testing should be helpful.  Next I’ll have to find one of those G-force suits the pilots wear!

I tried to be smart and leave when I was feeling tired, but we decided to take Pacific Coast Highway home to see more of the beautiful day and sparkling waters.  I totally forgot this meant going through Laguna Beach with it’s hills and traffic.  All of the G-forces from stopping and going got my symptoms all in a tizzy and my fancy new tights didn’t stand a chance at helping out.  Still, when they come in pretty colors and tie-dye patterns, one can’t be too disappointed.

In general, I’m keeping up with my little exercises, drinking ridiculous amounts of fluids, and doing my best.  The post-surgery strangling sensation has lessened a bit, but I think I’ll need to check in with my doctors once more about that.  I also took a big plunge today and reached out to a Dysautonomia group about volunteering.  Since I am having trouble doing a lot of my hobbies and interests, but still do a few things on my laptop, I thought maybe I could do something computery for them.  We’ll see!  It would just feel really good to be productive in someway.


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