Still Recovering from Days at Disneyland

My day (err, few hours) at Disneyland was a success, so I returned the next day.  I almost couldn’t drag myself to go, but friends were meeting up and a birthday was being celebrated.  This was a huge opportunity for me to socialize.  I was happy.  It was amazing.  However, I ran myself into the ground.  Again.  It was just going to be an hour in the park and a late lunch.

Everyone wanted to go to Haunted Mansion after eating and some good friends were going to meet up there.  I love that ride and it’s all decorated for Halloween.  I should have said no, but I just couldn’t.  I wanted to go so badly.  And I did go.  I had a big group of people with me and we had to split so that I could board with my wheelchair.  It was really cool and I got to take the elevator back up- backwards.  And afterwards I was so done.  So exhausted, but happy.

Mermaid Nails with Dysautonomia Awareness Ribbon

I always forgot how hard recovery is after a big day out and this was two in a row.  I kept trying to do things the following days.  On Wednesday, I got my nails done- they are amazing, by the way. On Thursday, I got my hair redone.  On Friday, I went out to dinner and barely held that together.  I have no idea what happened Saturday- couch day?  On Sunday, I got ready to go to see an open house with my hubby, but it was cancelled.  We went out to lunch and then back home because I just couldn’t keep it together.  And, I’ve been on the couch since then.  I am trying to just rest, but with a few stretches and light exercises… okay, I’m trying.

I’ve been so thrilled to be getting out in the wheelchair, but even sitting in the chair is hard work for me.  I’m trying to learn how to pace myself and it’s always changing.  Now I know that being in a wheelchair doesn’t mean I won’t wear myself out.  And I am also realizing that summer is over and with the changing seasons come an increase in pain levels.  I’m still determined to get out of the house.  I’m still eager to go on more adventures, but I’m going to be cautious about building in recovery time and try to be more realistic about what I’m doing to myself when I’m having a good time.

couch-mermaidFor now, I will rest.  I have an awesome mermaid blanket that is just perfect for these occasions.  I can hear the waves crashing out in the distance (it helps to have a fun imagination)….


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