Doomsday Optimist

I couldn’t sleep last night.  The rain was coming down and I could feel the storm building from the pain in my joints and muscles.  I stayed up late looking at poster ideas for the Women’s March planned in locations world wide this Saturday.

I woke up late today with rain just pouring down creating heavy rivers and waterfalls rushing down the edges of our homes.  I looked online and saw it had already happened- the inauguration.  And I wept, just wept.  I remember when I was a little girl, I rosiethought rain was God crying.  So many of us cry today.

I always want to find the good in a situation.  I enjoy embracing positive thought and gratitude.  And I am so thankful for the Women’s March.  This is my silver lining- so many more people are paying attention, finding their voice, and engaging.  I desperately hope I am able to go to our local march tomorrow.  Even if I can’t, there’s also the Disability March.  I’ve been thinking about how to deck out my power chair.  I found a Rosie the Riveter flag that I think will be great.  Maybe I can figure out how to attach a sign to my chair as well.  I’ve struggled with what my message is, because there is so much to say, so much to stand up for.

love-and-unityFirst and foremost, I have a message of love and unity.  We are all in this life on this planet together.  Even if I disagree with you, I love you.  I have so much love, enough to love every single person on this planet.  As long as I start from this place of love and sense of unity, I am being true to myself and will be thoughtful of others.  The last year has been so divisive and I hope for healing.

Beyond that broader message, there are so many groups that I want to speak up for.  On the one hand, it’s overwhelming that so many groups have such dire struggles.  However, the enormity of these matters are leading us to something very important- we are stronger together.  We can come together on all these issues and provide a united front.  We can support the Black Lives Matter movement.  We can stand up for Women’s Rights.  We can speak out about Climate Change, Environmental Issues, Clean Energy and Clean Water.  We can align with the Muslim Community, Refugees, and Immigrants.  We can embrace love and identity beyond gender boundaries with our LGBTQ community.  We can rally with the Disability and Chronic Illness community striving for proper medical care,  accessibility, and respect.  And there is more, but signs only have so much room!


I know not everyone understands the importance of speaking out now during the beginning of the new U.S. President’s term, but I believe it is important to make it well known that we are the people and we are paying attention and we care.  That we will not sit by and watch our progress roll backwards.  In many ways, I fear the future to come.  Our worst case scenarios are nothing short of annihilation, but we can’t allow that.  I am facing my fears and focusing on love, unity, and hope.  Today I will spend reflecting on my feelings, sorting through my pains and fears while seeking healing.  Tomorrow I will rise up and share my voice in unity with others across the globe.  We can do this!  The future is in our hands.




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