Wet Weather Blues

The weather has been damp, so my symptoms are going strong.  I’ve been laying low.  My hips and joints are especially loud.  My right hip did this epic pop yesterday that hurt a ton, but it’s quieted down today.  This plus some facebook conversations have me thinking I should get checked out again for the joint pain and related issues.  The hypermobile EDS diagnostic criteria have been updated and I should rule out arthritis, too.  I never really believed my chronic pain was Fibromyalgia as diagnosed, though it may still just be that.  It’s better to check up on these things, especially since that’s an old diagnosis from around 2007 or so.  Still, not a ton has changed over that time in terms of joint pain and issues, it just ebbs and flows over the years.

My mother-in-law got released from the ER, returned to her care facility, only to go back to another ER and she is now admitted that a hospital.  Of course, the hospital is even further, so this is a 5-6 hour excursion to get out there and back.  My husband is going up to see her tonight and I’m staying home.  I desperately want to be there for her, but I also know that an evening trip would make me too symptomatic and that my husband would have to be worrying about me in addition to worrying about his mom.  So, it’s actually better for me to stay home and rest.  I just wish I could do more to provide support to her, my husband, and the family.

Fortunately, the birds in my yard don’t mind any of this weather and continue to brighten my days, damp though they may be.  Today, I even saw a woodpecker come and visit and yesterday I got a video of a black-headed grosbeak (main pic).  I’m thinking about getting a proper camera to get some nice photos of all my winged visitors.  I started chatting on one of these neighborhood websites about backyard birding and that was so much fun.  People shared about all sorts of birds they have seen.  I even heard from one neighbor who is a wildlife photographer and I got to see some of her beautiful work.  It really was such a treat to learn more about local wildlife and to hear how much folks in the neighborhood enjoy it here.

I’m thinking of writing a whole post on brain fog and pre-syncope.  I am finding that these things are hurting me socially more so than my mobility issues or other symptoms.  I’m having a harder time speaking on the spot and articulating myself.  I find this keeps me from reaching out to friends or taking on volunteer roles.  I get so confused sometimes and find it hard to string together a sentence.  I was talking to my husband about it and I really do spend significant portions of each day with some notable cognitive challenges, but I also typically have much of the morning and midday with full mental faculties.  I really have no idea how to address this medically, but psychologically it’s something I must cope with.  Even now I feel it fading away from me.

Overall, I’m coping very well despite this worsening of symptoms and family worries.  I see the weather forecast will be warming up which means pool exercise for me!  Also, I am finally going to do something with my mess of hair.  Since I’m having trouble maintaining it, I’m getting a major hair cut next week and will also attempt to pull out the turquoise color.  I just need it to be easier to wash and take care off.  I think that will help me to have more energy for other things and to help keep my personal grooming up.  I’m rather excited for the new look!


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